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Astrology has gotten a bad rap over the years. However, a quick search on Google, Instagram, Twitter, and the gamut, is proving one thing: our stars are on an upswing! The fashion scene has been taking note too, from zodiac gems to basic tees. Is it our time to join the party too? 

Lucky for us @ StyleBFFs, we love the zodiac. Hearing us implicate our mutual Cancer risings for something--anything--is (un)embarrassingly common. So we figured, let's take a stab, and interpret each sign into an outfit. 


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Virgos are practical Earth signs. They're grounded, and hate the spotlight, but don't underestimate them: their perfectionism and attention to detail is something to admire. Mercury rules this sign, so they love to work. However a Virgo can also be very creative and tender, with a huge sense of humility. 

Here's how we tackled the look: 

  • Vintage vibes (this sign is all about frugality, and never wastes anything)

  • Lots of white (according to Greek & Roman myths they are the "virgin maiden" L-O-L)

  • Structure (like an Earthy-menswear blazer and an angular denim dress)

  • Low heels (Virgos are grounded, get it?)

  • All the details! (abstract prints, quirky sunnies, banana earrings, mink Poodle pins, ruffles, lotssss of layers)


Virgo Babes

It's your time to shine, so try not to hate it.

On Adrienne: Dress: Paloma Wool via Legion Shop, Jacket: Vintage (similar here), T-shirt: Vince, Bag: Jigsaw London (similar here), Sunglasses: Vintage (similar here), Shoes: Freda Salvador

On Jackie: Dress: Hackwith Designs x ANOMIE, Shirt: Levi's, Sweater: Vintage (similar here), Earrings: J.Crew, Sunglasses: Vintage (similar here), Shoes: Freda Salvador