parachutes and dots

One of the beautiful things about youth is the ability to change your mind on a whim. It feels like just recently I was expressing my distaste for anything dress and tunic-related. I touted them as “one note”, figuring that you really only had a limited amount of outfit options with them. I realized how wrong I’ve been all along once I laid my eyes upon this tent-like polka dotted gem by The Podolls.

Call me crazy, but I hate to wear anything twice. Of course I wear the same pieces over and over--it’s important for a person’s clothes to become an extension of themselves. However, I rarely recycle an entire outfit. I crave newness, and the expressive aspect to the whole “getting dressed” thing, so once a look is worn it is done. With multi-piece dressing there are endless options. Mixing different tops with skirts and/or pants makes it really easy to always rotate the same pieces in different iterations. While I normally find it more challenging to do this with dresses and tunics, I’ve found this recent number to defy all the odds. Each time I wear it, the garment looks different. I especially can’t wait to wear it to Palm Springs/LA/wherever life takes me this summer. (Spoiler alert: no pants!)

I really do love being wrong sometimes.

Tunic: The Podolls, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Celine, Sunglasses & Earrings: Dior