travel diary: amsterdam

Amsterdam, I love you! My love for this city hit almost immediately after getting off the train at Centraal station. Four days was not enough time to take in everything that the city had to offer. Out of all the places we visited, Amsterdam was definitely the coldest (loads of wind!) so my fur coat came in handy- thank God- because I was starting to feel like I was dragging my five pound pomeranian all over Europe. Hmm, what to say about Amsterdam: the food was delicious, the people were so kind (and also ridiculously good looking), the architecture was completely unique, and it's the homeland of Yolanda Foster. So yeah, I was feeling the whole vibe. This look was very menswear inspired, a possible result from my Topman sock purchase. *Side note: men totally have better sock designs. *Side note to self: look into sock manufacturing for women. Maybe Rob Kardash was onto something...


Amsterdam Recommendations:

Eat: Hands down some of the best food we had the entire trip. Our brunch spot choice was Paper Planes, where I ordered some amazing huevos rancheros-- needed a little homeland pick-me-up. We also had a delicious meal at Pancakes! (conveniently located by the Anne Frank House). Indonesian food is a must while in Amsterdam. Cameron and I shared a Rijsttafel at Soenda Kelapa located in the super trendy Utrechtsestraat. Oh, and the can I forget about those?! Mayo, ketchup and onions...ze best.

Shop: I loved all the street markets with so many treasures. If we didn't have two more countries to travel to, I would have gone nuts with all the little knick knacks. I did do a bit of shopping at this ultra cute store Shirdak, where I got an amazing pair of felt slippers that were in the shape of a klomp. I mean, how could I resist that?

Stay: We stayed at Hotel Arena- one word- fabulous. However for the next visit, I would love to stay in a houseboat on one of the canals. I could be just like Sophia Loren, minus the whole maid thing on a decaying boat situation.

See: The Anne Frank House is a must see. Honestly, one of the best experiences of the entire trip. I was a huge fan of the flower markets- yes, a tad touristy- but no one can deny how beautiful the flowers are! I also really enjoyed the Rijksmuseum. If Rembrant is your thing (like myself), then you gotta go check it out. 

Yup, Hotel Arena was beyond fab (and in budget!). I felt like a little brat and I loved every minute of it!

Fur Jacket: Vintage; Sweater: Vince; Boyfriend Jeans, Jigsaw London; Socks: Topman; Shoes: Jonak

Amsterdam, I'll be back (hopefully) very soon, and preferably during a warmer month, so my houseboat dreams can come true.