diy vases

Doing a DIY post is a new thing for StyleBFFs and we kinda like it. While I search for a new job, I've been letting my creative juices flow. And thanks to Pinterest there are endless options for crafting. Honestly, these vases are the easiest thing to do with a requirement of three materials: a mason jar, some twine rope and hot glue. Oh yeah, make that four… obviously you'll need flowers to put inside! 

All you have to do is hot glue the twine onto the jar-- wherever you chose to start your rope. When glueing the twine down, place the excess piece length down on the jar. As you start to loop the rope around, that string will eventually get covered. Place a little hot glue (or none) as you go along the jar. Once you've wrapped the jar to your heart's content, just cut the rope and add a little glue to secure the twine.

I love this rustic look. On my second attempt, I played around with color blocking different twine. You could also do different mason jar sizes, playing up height and dimension.

This will not be the last DIY post for StyleBFFs! We are feeling inspired and gettin' crafty wit it!