It is always hard to calculate how much you like a trend. While everyone is out donning a pair of flares, I'm still as focused as ever on a tapered slim-straight leg. Jeans are kind of my thing. I live for a denim jacket, the perfect worn in bottoms, even a denim sneaker á la Marc Jacobs. I could care less about what’s “in” or “out”, just give me the good stuff.

Like most things in life, I find that you have to let it come to you. Jeans are like romance--potentially more important even. Maybe not to the human race, but most definitely to my self-perception. I never mean to fall in love with a piece of denim, whether I (stupidly) toss on a jacket at a boutique (...I should know the outcome by now), or my boss/buyer-extraordinaire wants to see how something fits. This pair of denim is most definitely the latter. I go into work one day, unaware of Cupid’s arrow heading my way. We need to conduct a fit-test, and my boss is curious to see how a new pair of jeans fits a petite body. Low and behold this awesome pair by Objects Without Meaning makes its way onto my ass. My eyes widen, and the “God damn, God damn, God damn” part of Beyoncé’s “Flawless” starts playing in my head. I’m done for.

Classic stiff denim that’s still lightweight? I feel my heart palpitating while I type. Zippered hardware? Hand it over. I’ve honestly never been able to mess with that stuff until now. It’s like they were made for my (lack of) height! It is safe to say that we’re getting serious--I mean we’re already living together. I wonder what my parents will think? All jokes aside (jk), Fox news has argued that gay marriage is a slippery slope to people wedding their dogs, but what about people who want to marry their jeans?

Jacket: Rubbish via Nordstrom, Blouse: Zara, Jeans: Objects Without Meaning, Socks: Hansel From Basel, Shoes: Freda Salvador, Bracelet: Liquid Metal Jewelry, X-Ring: Waffles and Honey, Sunglasses: Free People