THINK PINK or any color for that matter

Happy Saturday! This look has been on the back burner for awhile now, but I'm so excited to finally post it. About a month ago, I went to the ballet with a good friend to see Don Quixote. What a performance?! The dancing together with the costumes were breathtaking. I left feeling so inspired about color and different color-blocking ideas.

Not to lament too much, but I really feel that people have lost their creativity with the oversaturated black and white trend. It is seriously taking over the wavelengths. Like really, a white top with black jeans- genius! Mix it up with a pair of blue denim jeans- wow  brilliant. I am just totally over the monochrome trend. In my opinion, it's just boring and lacks individuality. Okay, I digress. Well, I might not be wearing a colorful flamenco dress anytime soon, but I sure did get inspired to stand out amongst the crowd. My favorite color-block set from the ballet was pink with burgundy-so close in hue, yet so different when paired next to one another. And guess what, not boring!

After putting my hot pink pom-pom on my bag, it brought back major Don Quixote memories. It only seemed fitting to throw on my mixed pink tweed jacket. I kinda forgot about this little number, but fell right back in love once it was on my body. Funny how that happens.I realized afterwards that without color-blocking this outfit would have been completely blah. Fellow bloggers, I am all for black and white. I get it, it's clean and easy. Just don't forget the beauty of color. 

Jacket: Charles Chang Lima, vintage; Turtleneck: Gap; Blouse: COS; Boyfriend Jeans: Uniqlo; Oxfords: Jonak

Photographs by: Cameron Lucchesi



P.S. I was poodle-sitting my little friend Poppy when these pictures were taken. He got a tad mad when the attention was not on him, but I really think he just wanted a color pop to feel faboo too.