travel diary: paris part I

Ah, Paris. What a romantic city! I can't believe it's already been a week since I've returned home. Paris definitely has a laid back attitude about itself. People are sipping on expressos for two hours and chatting it up at local cafes. The architecture is gorgeous, the art is fantastic, and the fries aren't bad either-- but you obviously already know about that. Paris is one of those places where so many people have traveled to; people love this place and I can see why. I won't lie though, I definitely needed to get into the Paris mode of things, aka must practice saying, "parlez-vous anglais." Joking aside, I really enjoyed all the museums in Paris, checking out so much art and understanding the history attached was truly awesome.  

One thing I noticed in regards to Parisian fashion was that people love black, and I mean really love black. Also, they are super fans of puffy jackets, which I can totally get down with. It surprisingly wasn't that cold while I was there, a nice treat. One thing that drives me crazy are Californian girls who travel to a colder climate and complain about how cold the weather was. The standard conversation going something like this, "OMG! It was like so cold. I had to wear leggings under jeans with like three pairs of socks, a hat and gloves at all times andddddd I was STILL freezing!?" Urgh, I'll spare you my major eye roll. I embraced the cooler weather and put my layering game to the test.  

This Zara duster was the best layering piece. Unfortunately, it's shelf life expired by the end of the my Parisian week. RIP. As one item leaves the suitcase, another comes in. And in this case that was my BF's beanie, thanks boo.

Did you make it through that slide show??? I know, I know lots of pictures. Congrats, if ya did!  

Some of my Paris recommendations...

Breakfast: Swing by Holy Belly or Frenchie to Go. Both places are beyond yummy and will give your body the right amount of energy before long sightseeing days. 

Museums: Obviously the Louvre was fab--looking good Mona, but I really loved the d'Orsay collection a tad more. 

Shop: There's tons of shopping, but a little insider tip-- the women's bathroom at Galeries Lafayette has some really nice views of the city. Just sayin! 

Dinner: We had some awesome meals but our top two were at Gyoza Bar and 404 Restaurant Familial