leopard baby

My BFF is back in town, and I'm honoring her through my clothes. In true form my style is still all me, but I did at one point literally barter my pants off of her body. This happened months ago when Adrienne came over after work one day. We were sitting around, or rather I was sitting around, while Adrienne stood and fiddled with her leopard silk pants. These gorgeous bottoms were a cheap steal at Marshall’s that AKL just couldn’t pass up, but upon taking them home she realized they were slightly too small. They fit at the waist, but her long legs (ugh, I know) tugged at the fabric. Since silk has literally zero stretch to it, I’ll let you imagine what would have eventually happened to these.

“They’re reeeeally small,” she says to me. I replied with, “Girl, I’M really small,” and with that I convinced her to remove her bottoms in the middle of my apartment so that I could try them on. After a couple minutes of bickering about it back and forth, I slipped them onto my body. The proof was in the pants: they fit me perfectly. They’re a little oversized, but still well-tailored. I liked them. I needed them. We agreed upon a price, and I grabbed a pair of her own leggings out of my drawer so that she had something to wear home--we are BFFs after all, so that shouldn’t be too surprising.

The lesson here is to always use the power of persuasion when you know your friend owns something that you really ought to own yourself. The other lesson is to also hoard your friend’s clothing so that they have something to wear when you pay them to give you their pants. These are my thoughts for Monday. Could be worse, right?

Shirt: Evens via Legion SF, Epaulette: The Podolls, Pants: Theory via AKL's body, Boots: Freda Salvador, Sunglasses: Dior, Bracelet: Liquid Metal Jewelry

Photos by Chelsea Mandell