bye bye summer

I am so excited that it is finally September! I firmly believe that fall is the best fashion season. Summer weather is great but it's such a bore when it comes to fashion. Flip flops, maxi dresses, some cut-off shorts...count me out. 

Bring on all the layers and knits ya got!

My fall inspiration this year is Ann-Margaret, specifically her role in Bye Bye Birdie. I am a sucker for musicals and a major sucker for 1960s fashion. There is something so girlie about this look, while still looking very womanly.  

Yes, this is the moment when you cue the Bye Bye Birdie song, "How Lovely to Be Woman."


This look is all about the layers. I love  outfits that incorporate a textural element of surprise. Pairing a wool sweater with a linen skirt, seemed like a great transition from summer to fall attire.  

Words cannot describe how I feel towards a good denim jacket. This one from J.Crew has been a coveted piece in my closet. A denim jacket is an obvious wardrobe must-have. It's a great layering piece, and although it's a classic staple, it can definitely give any outfit a bit of edge. 


I have been lusting after this gorgeous embellished collar top at J.Crew, and just  my luck, it went on sale!

Details are key to any outfit, and who doesn't like a little peek-a-boo bling.

While Jackie and I were shopping, I freaked out (yes, freaked out) when  we went into Zara and saw these pointed toe flats. I have been eyeing the Vince "Nina" flats but my eyes could not stomach their price. Three hundred dollars versus thirty dollars- yeeeaaah, I'll take the latter.  


Denim Jacket: J.Crew; Wool Sweater: Vintage; Blouse: J.Crew; Skirt: Alice + Olivia; Flats: Zara; Purse: Vintage, circa 1980 ; Bracelet: Liquid Metal Jewelry



Of course I have to share a few pictures of the fabulous Anne-Margaret...

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