callin' shots in referee stripes

These skinny jeans rule; a total "blow the whistle" type of moment-- and yes, totes reppin some early millenium Too $hort. I love the referee stripe trend because it's a bold statement, letting any person stand out in a group of people, which is also an awesome way to not get lost in a crowd. Gotta have that perfect two-fold with any piece. All people that are 5'4 and below know what I'm talking about! 

"It's all in the details!" 

Yes I know, can every fashion blogger stop using this phrase--but really, it's the truth! These pants are a statement, but I still wanted a little pop here and there to make them my own. This belt is a personal favorite. I love knotting it in different ways, giving it a bit more of an interesting look. 


Top: Jigsaw London; 'Krista' Stripe Super Skinny Jeans: Hudson Jeans, Loft; Leather Belt: Talbots; Sandals: Steve Madden; Necklace: Vintage



Side note: Jackie and I thought it would be really cool to take a "footsie" pic. Just living the life of your average 7th grader, no shame


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