sassy slits

I am all about that slit detail at the moment. It just gives your wardrobe basic a little sass with some interesting lines. I've never worn so much black in my life, but recently I can't get enough of it! It's simple and chic, without trying too hard. My J.Crew denim jacket has been my "go-to" outerwear piece. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds- denim as outerwear- but this is California we are talking about. I won't have to pull out my heavy coats till December, and even then there's a good chance the weather will still be beautiful. The perks of living in the Golden State! It's still fall though, so this cashmere sweater is the perfect winter cozy piece. There is also some angora in the fabric mix, making it super soft. 

Sweater: Jigsaw London; Denim Jacket: J.Crew; Skirt: Bella Luxx, Loft; Loafers: Prada; Bag: Vintage; Jade Necklace: Gift from my Grandfather; Ring: Vintage