denim shirt love

 Its a Canadian Tuxedo kind of day, but isn't it always?

Denim on denim, not to be confused with my other fave chambray on denim, reflects that stylishly effortless attitude that I always try to embrace when getting dressed. I had always been searching for a real denim shirt, one that's not super light-washed, lived in, and simply perfect. Up until recently, I could only find the Rag & Bone one at Barney's, and at $252 for a denim shirt I really had to question if it was worth the same price for a pair of jeans--especially for less than half of the material!


The frustration of my conundrum reached a peak just before my trip to Thailand. I wasn't going to be able to wear my jeans in the debilitating humidity, except for my high-waisted BDG denim shorts. They're pretty damn cute, but their high-waisted-ness also gives me "long vagina syndrome." High waisted jean wearers: you know what I mean (!!!), and trust me when I say I thought my dad might disown me when I asked him about my long vagina before we went out one night in Luang Prabang, Laos. 

I digress from my original point, but let's just say the fashion gods bestowed a miracle into my life when I was rummaging through old denim pieces at the Tuesday/Friday market in Pattaya, Thailand. Just as I was about to walk away to another stand, my beloved denim shirt found me. I decided to put my bargaining skills to work, and basically stole it for 180 baht ($6 USD). 

So now, I have a denim shirt for $6, versus $252, aaaaand I can say I have successfully thrifted internationally. I'm not much of a thrifter, so I feel like this ups my cool points a little.


Denim Shirt: No Label (thrifted), Sweater: Jigsaw London, Denim: James Jeans, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell "Desmond", Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs "Flipping Out" Bag