sh!t you should know

Here at StyleBFFs we're always looking for new brands to lust after. Lately it feels like the same rotation of sites has our online shopping carts feeling kind of stale. Luckily we've recently found someone new to feast our eyes on, and yes dimensional draped knitwear is kind of the premise here.  

Oh and yeah, we're starting a new series called "Sh!t You Should Know". Loéil is first up! 

At first glance you can see Loéil is all about structure. We love how they make an oversized chunky sweater feel amped up, yet still simple--and of course wearable. They're trendy without being too high-street, and we're definitely on that hype. 

Also do not get us started on their bags, jewelry, and shoes... 

The real question is: what do we buy?