lesson in layers

lesson in layers

We've been in awe of the layering techniques seen on the runaways in NYC and London. We're loving the mixed textures and unique pairings, and the fact that these layers are not falling under the classic bundled up look. Some of our top designer picks to check out: Haizhen Wang, Pringle of Scotland, Mulberry, Assembly New York, and Jill Stuart. 

Hunny, get us some tulle dresses and skirts stat! We need to recreate...



Fond of these looks, here are some of StyleBFFs tips for nuevo layering:

1. Get some sheer tulle material RN. Help HERE & HERE

2. Choose your balance: whether the top or bottom of your outfit, please pick a side. Layers should still shape and elongate. 

3. Work within one hue. It's amazing the shade range you can create with one color. If you're more of a color fan, match colors through accessories and accent pops.

4. Shoulders darling- wear them proud. 

5. Never forget the supporting roles: socks, gloves (FULL LENGTH!!!), hats, and belts. 

Disclosure: These are merely tips. StyleBFFs rarely prescribe to rules.

Happy Layering!