scotch & soda x styleBFFs

Surprise surprise: we love clothes, but we hate rules. Fortunately Scotch and Soda shares the same sentiment.

Their unexpected textiles, in-your-face embellishments, and funky prints & patterns will give plenty of outfit ammunition for the colder months. We've even invented a few new ways to wear scarves..... (case and point: these photos)

clothing & accessories c/o Scotch and Soda

On Adrienne: Striped Turtleneck; Pom Pom Beret

On Jackie: Cashmere T-Shirt; Heels

Both wearing: this scarf


Sound Off!!!

We're hosting an event in celebration of Scotch and Soda's latest collab featuring Felix the Cat. Come join us!

This capsule collection combines a beloved cartoon icon with some seriously cool clothing. Details are listed below...