wide leg pants: the jump

Cardigan: Vintage (similar here), Top: Topshop, Pants: Oak and Fort, Bag: Leoffler Randall (similar here), Shoes: Forever21 (similar here), Earrings: Dior (similar here)

I’m no skinny jean addict, but my wide leg pant game is decidedly sparse. As much as I hate to admit it, being short does in fact impact my clothing choices. This has little to nothing to do with self-confidence, but rather I try my best to buy things that will not require too much work. Those cool ruffled flares? I’ll have to chop off half the pants. Maxi dresses? Same problem. Jumpsuits? Get ready to completely remake it. Nonetheless, I pretty much single-handedly fund my Russian tailor’s collection of ceramic figurines and I am ok with that. Enter wide leg pants...


So I happened to find a pair of wide leg pants that felt doable for me. Granted these photos were snapped pre-tailoring, but it wasn’t anything a pair of heels couldn’t temporarily fix. Another side note: these came as part of a two-piece set, but I truly didn’t need the top half. Luckily a friend was really feeling the top, and we went halfsies on the set. Always think on your toes (especially when your pants are too long), and with another friend’s wallet/wardrobe needs.

Anyways, I did it: I bought the wide leg pants, and wore them. I’m happy about it too. Not only did I challenge my fashion comfort-zone, but I also morphed into a neutral-clad flamingo.

P.S. my toe is STILL broken