manic in feb

February’s been a weird month. Is it Summer? Winter? Early Spring? Everyday in San Francisco has been pretty much a different season, and we’re downright confused. 

Much like picking what to wear, what music does one even listen to when the weather drastically changes almost each day? We decided to make a playlist to help get you through the last weekend of this manic month. Like wearing a blanket scarf with a pair of denim shorts, or a trench coat with sandals, it is a little bit of everything. It shouldn’t work, but somehow it does--or at least we think so! We’ve never been big on rules…

1. Animal Collective- FloriDada

2. Rihanna- Desperado

3. LEN- Steal My Sunshine

4. The Growlers- Feelin Good

5. Devendra Banhart- I Feel Just Like a Child

6. Shannon and The Clams- Ozma

7. Tijuana Panthers- Creatures

8. The Zombies- I Can't Make Up My Mind

9. Bonnie and Clyde- Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg

10. Twin Peaks- Walk to the One You Love

11. Bibi Bourelly- Sally

12. The Coathangers- Make It Right

13. Hinds- Garden

14. Rihanna- Kiss It Better

15. Erykah Badu- I'll Call U Back