Last week, the Bay Area weather pattern looked something like this: day one, cold and foggy; day two, sunny and windy; day three, cloudy and humid. (Repeat for the next four days.) The weather was actually really annoying! I didn't know if I should be wearing my winter coat or throwing on a summer sundress. However, I am always up for a challenge, so game on weather! 

The positive note of this odd weather was that I able to challenge my concept of seasonal dressing. Why should a trench coat be worn in fall or only on a rainy day? Can I wear a beanie with sandals and actually look sartorial chic? Yup, totally works. The beanie is actually two-fold for me because not only was it keeping my head warm, it was also hiding my hideous bangs that are in the process of growing out. So cross-functional.

 When it comes to seasonal dressing, I say do it all and forget the weather rules. There's something interesting about mixing a pair of denim cut-offs with a chunky knit sweater.

What are some of your favorite cross-seasonal pieces?

Trench Coat: Uniqlo; Stripe Shirt: Jigsaw London; Pants: Loft (on sale!); Arizona Sandal: Birkenstock; Woven Bag: Jigsaw London, (old) similar here; Beanie: Azalea