styleBFFs x work it, berk

Doesn't this pic make us look like the sweetest? Totally normal looking, right? I still don't know how Brittany of Work It, Berk was able to capture this shot because we were actually in a really weird mood. Really weird. The day started off with Jackie and I unintentionally matching with leopard details and subtle grid patterns. From there, our trip into to the Mission was beyond silly. I'm pretty sure I blacked-out from laughing (primarily at myself). Jackie quickly got on board the Wacky Train; however we didn't want to freak out Brittany, since first impressions are everything. We tried to subdue ourselves, but once we realized that Brittany is really rad, so we just let loose. We talked about living in a tiny green door (see: this pic), and  forming a musical duo. We even went as far as taking an album cover photo. We were laughing, then crying from laughter literally the entire meet-up. There even came a point when Brittany suggested that we create a YouTube channel, because I guess it was pretty entertaining. Should we do it??

Brittany, thank you for dealing with our weirdness. The pictures turned out so well. Be sure to check out her site and our interview with her!