black on black on black

Black like my soul

(just kidding)

Here's the thing: I never thought I was a monochromatic type of dresser. Low and behold I totally am. Lately every outfit I wear is one giant variation of tonal greys, blacks, or whites. I'm in a sea of neutrals. I may be drowning. Does this mean I'm in a fashion-rut? 

A few years ago I would've balked at my fashion choices today. All black, or any one single color, print, etc. would have instantly been deemed boring. Jeans and t-shirts were not blog-worthy, even layered with a silk shell. However, has a shift in trends cause my own sartorial shift? I hop on the proverbial trend bandwagon for sure, but I like to maintain the fact that my sense of style is my own. I find that I let the dimensions of my outfits speak for themselves when I go monochromatic: baggy jeans, cuffed hems, frilly feet, fitted tees, over-sized scoops. 

Tank: Kaarem, T-shirt: Helmut Lang, Denim: J Brand, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes: Nina Ricci

In light of recent (hopeful) presidential announcements, ask not what your outfit can do for you, but what you can do for your outfit. Mainly just toss on some frilly shoes. It's not that hard.