california "winter"

I forget how easy it is to get dressed in California's "winter". I put the season in quotes because at 70 degrees, I really can't believe how exactly we're experiencing winter. Although we've gone back to the fog for now, it still doesn't seem as bad as the plethora of confused/freezing NYFW-goers. Sorry NYC--my invite must have been lost in a snowstorm anyways. I sensed this would happen during my impossible journey home from Europe during a layover in New York. (i.e. here)

This being said, I really can't complain because I made it home, consumed a burrito, and went back to life as a Californian. I often don't exit my apartment until early afternoon, which is either a product of freelancing or being a total shit-head, so the heat actually shocked me a little. I started sweating in my epaulette as I went out for my cold-pressed juice, and knew a change was in order. Luckily Adela Mei just sent me a really fab blouse by Cameo, which they know I've been eyeing it for quite some time. I obviously have a penchant for white button-down blouses, and the angular crop at the waist and sleeves just sets this piece apart. Owners Stacy and Sasha do such a great job curating an online boutique specifically geared towards petite women, without actually carrying petite clothing. This really keeps their brand fresh, and their store fully stocked with cool modern clothing. Also with up to 70% off of their sale items, it is extremely hard not to just buy everything.

Top: Cameo via Adela Mei, Pants: The Podolls, Shoes: Freda Salvador, Bag: Celine, Sunglasses: Dior, Earrings: Dior, Bracelet: Liquid Metal Jewelry