the motherland

Ello ello! Currently traveling in the motherland and enjoying the rich culture of the UK. Although I have yet to hear any English say, "ello" (yes, very disappointed about that) "hi ya" and "you alright" have been pretty consistent. So, what can I say about my travels so far-- well for starters, traveling with your boyfriend and introducing him to your large extensive family has been interesting for a lack of better words. HAHAHA, I kid. Cameron and I have been having a blast staying with my family in Liverpool, which has been the start location for our five week European journey. I can't wait to give some tips and traveling notes about this part of the UK, but I'll leave that for another post. We just returned back from York (a FABULOUS CITY) today and are leaving for London on Monday. I figured this downtime would be the perfect opportunity to blog a travel look.

Well guess what-- it doesn't matter if I'm in the states or in another country, StyleBFFs will forever be fashionably late on outfit posts. This look was worn last Sunday after a nice (non heated) church service. It's a wee bit chilly over here, so layers are a definite must. Also, the fog was rolling in so thick, I thought that Karl had chased me across the pond!

I knew when I got this Zara skirt a few months back, it would be extremely handy for my trip. It's the perfect wrinkle-free material that's great for packing. I had loads of layers on top- a turtleneck, a wool sweater, a denim jacket, and a shearling to protect myself from the cold. Also, can't forget a little angora beanie action. Whenever I feel like an outfit is a tad "blah" shall we say-- a pair of awesome printed tights just jazz up the whole look. Not going to lie, I kinda felt like the coolest person walking into church; however, then my Gma rolled through with an uhhh-mazing vintage fur jacket and hat. Girl put it down on lock...

Denim Jacket: J.Crew; Sweater: Jigsaw London; Turtleneck: Gap; Skirt: Zara: Tights: DSW; Boots and Beanie: Jigsaw; Bag: Burberry