underneath it all

You’ve heard it a million times: 

“Fashion changes, but style endures”--Coco Chanel

Like all cliché quotes, this one gets old, but there’s a reason why it has reached that level. Basically Coco was right about a lot of things, from this fact to tweed two-pieces (the list really does go on). Authenticity is so key to whatever you wear, and thus the expression of who you are at any given moment.

Women have a lot thrown at them about what it means to be hot, sexy, worthy of love, etc. Unfortunately, this is not news. It is not only important to think about what a woman can do to define those things for herself, but how does that in turn shape her own identity, and the way she empowers and views herself? No, underwear isn’t clothing, but it is intimate--for lack of a better word. It is closer to you than your clothing (literally), and figuratively it should feel like you too.