trending: red boots

We're not totally sure if red boots are in fact trending, but we're feeling majorly red hot. And we've got a big hump day question for ya: where can we find our perfect pair?

I mean, how rad does Pandora Sykes look in her patent leather pair!?

Decided to make the plunge last week on a pair of embossed snakeskin red-ish (heavy on the ish) ankle boots. What was delivered Monday was a not-so-cute pair of plastic-y maroon snakeskin boots. Where are the shoe gods when ya need them??

We've searched the internet high and low. But let us tell you, these bbs are not easy to find. Check out some of our fave picks below. We're crushing hard, but can we commit to a perfect pair? And by perfect: we mean the perfect shade of red in our not-so-perfect working girl budget.

What do you think about red boots: hawt or nawt?