working girl

The best part about working retail is that I get to be surrounded by beautiful clothing all day. When I talk to some of my friends, who are chained to their desks and computers, I feel so sorry because I obviously do not have this issue. I do have one issue though that my friends do not have: an employee discount and being fully immersed by cute clothes. If it's not in the store that I work at; it's the one next door or the J.Crew conveniently located down the street. Oh the woes of retail!

I wore this outfit yesterday to work and loved it so much that I had to have my boo snap some shots. A rule at my store is that I need to wear one item of the brand. As easy as that sounds, some days I have trouble picking out what to wear. In the case of yesterday, I really wanted to do justice to my beautiful Rag & Bone shorts. A purchase that I made a few weeks ago at our neighboring boutique Loft. Case in point-- the retail struggle is real.

Anyways, I chose to purchase this beautiful abstract printed blouse. I'd be eyeing it for sometime-- by sometime, I mean everyday. It only seemed rational to finally get it, so I could stop imagining what it would be like in my closet. Ha! It's beautiful though and will carry over perfectly into the fall. I can't wait to see the other ways that I will be able to style it. 

I am still on the hunt to find another bag like this little boxy one that Jackie got for me a year ago when she visited Thailand. I've been looking, but no luck so far. Any suggestions? 

Shirt: Jigsaw London; Florencia Shorts: Rag & Bone, Loft; Flats: Via Spiegel, Nordstroms Rack; Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs