aesthetically speaking

J. Crew score: $15 pants--not bad, especially considering their original $130 price tag. 

As usual, the question "How will I style these?" popped into my head in the fitting room. "Every which way," I replied to myself. 

IMG_6731 - Version 3.jpg

I was reading Lucky Magazine's latest cover story with Solange Knowles on my morning commute after literally tossing on this outfit in a 5 minute fury to catch my train. Solange talks about everything from life in New Orleans, to the now infamous elevator fight after the Met Ball, and obviously the juicy stuff (aka the fashion, duh). What was especially interesting to me was her departure from mixing prints, and a reincarnation pushing her aesthetics towards classic colors and color-blocking.

It made me think "Will I ever depart from a specific aesthetic?"

Probably. I mean, I no longer wear Abercrombie & Fitch shorts with the "A&F" logo printed across my butt like I did from age 13-17, or my extra wild Jeffrey Campbell Litas through college. However, those are just trends. I think my overall aesthetic has changed too--sure I wear more neutrals, and the thought about whether or not I'll be able to wear something with confidence a year from now definitely pops into my head more than before. However I don't know about an entire departure. I hate anything permanent as showcased by my lack of tattoos and ever-changing hairstyle over the past year. Where I do simplicity (by my standards), I also love a good mixed print, and I don't know if that'll ever change. 

Jacket:  Mavi Denim  via  Stitch Fix , Pants:  J. Crew , Top: Evens via  Legion SF , Shoes: Elizabeth and James

Jacket: Mavi Denim via Stitch Fix, Pants: J. Crew, Top: Evens via Legion SF, Shoes: Elizabeth and James