chi town: through the phone

I had an amazing time in Chicago for my 25th birthday. I've been to the windy city four times now, and this trip was by far the best yet! It was simply wonderful to see my sister- our first time seeing each other in 2014. My boyfriend is a major sweetheart ( I despise that word, but hey he is!) for planning this whole trip. I had no idea that he was actually serious when he suggested the idea a few months ago... but here we are. We stayed at the awesome hotel Public that was beautiful and fabulous, from its cozy and clean white rooms to it's delicious Pump Room restaurant. My sister lives by Humboldt Park so we spent a lot of time in that area, being very local with the Chi residents. We also got to spend some time with her extremely cute kitty, Miss Lily, who is one of the funniest and cutest cats that I've ever met. I just wanted to share a few (phone) pictures from this unforgettable trip. I've been working non-stop since I've been back and missing that laid back vacation energy. I will say though, I don't miss the wind and I warmly welcomed back the California sun. 

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