spring colors

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love dusty blues for spring! This shade of blue is new and different. It looks great mixed with other shades of blues, like chambrays and navy, to create a clean monochromatic look. Personally, my favorite combination though is dusty blue with red/orange tones, such as terra cotta and tangelos. (Yup,  fashion is about to get all earthy with those color shout-outs.)  This color combination is the perfect balance of being fashion forward yet subtle. It still has that wow factor that isn't making people go "oh wow...". I appreciate fashion that uses creative and interesting uses of color and print; one can still looking smart without some bold exaggeration. In my opinion, this color combination is the perfect example of that.  

Pants: Gap; Shirt: UK Style by French Connection, Sears; Sweater Jacket: J.Crew; Boots: Coclico, Gilt; Bag: Burberry; Necklace: Vintage