fit for a french girl

Fleur de Lys button-down shirt:

I'm feeling extra literal today. 

While I hate to admit it, there's a definite difference between being raised French in San Francisco, and actually being French from France-land. Nonetheless, I try and dress myself with the same effervescent "pop" that stylish French women undoubtedly have with their fashion choices. 

If there's anything the fashion set likes it is a bunch of layers. I am also prone to this love, and never thought I too could pull off the jacket-over-shoulders layered look.  

But look Mamman, I DID IT!! 

I actually more give credit to Adrienne for inspiring me/teaching me her wondrous ways of doing the jacket-over-shoulders look. I mean, she nailed the "wearing 25 things at once" thing fucking forever ago. That's what BFFs are for, right?

IMG_6241 - Version 2.jpg

Let's count the top layers here: 

1. Equipment Fleur de Lys button-down

2. Zara Crop Top

3. JBrand denim vest

4. T by Alexander Wang Crepe Blazer ain't 25, but I'm only 21 away!

Pants:  Babaton , Bag:  Baggu , Shoes: Marc Jacobs, Cheesy Blogger Photo Pose: My Life

Pants: Babaton, Bag: Baggu, Shoes: Marc Jacobs, Cheesy Blogger Photo Pose: My Life