meet & greet

Jackie and I recently met with the super fabulous Ariel Tzu-Chi to discuss about collaborating for an upcoming project. Of course, we were 100% down to collab with such a talent; and after a quick lunch meeting, aka a two hour chatting binge, we decided to take some test shots in the project's location. Let me just tell you that we cannot wait to see her final project. Ariel shot us exactly a week ago on a film camera-- yes, you read that right! There will definitely be an element of surprise when we see it. 

Do you ever find that some fashion bloggers need a theme or some kind of gimmick to post? Here at StyleBFFs, we don't plan out our fits, it is simply what we are wearing. However, if you do specifically coordinate your outfits to blog posts, kudos for your organization skills! Well, bout a week ago- I really hope y'all got that reference- I wore this look for our meet and greet with Ariel.As of late, I've been drawn a lot more to textures, maybe it's the colder weather or maybe I'm just really into velvet. It's probably a combination of both. I love this silk velvet sweater from Jigsaw, and I was totally digging how it looked under my delicate lace duster. 

Like I said--been really into textures, so why not add a fur collar and some calf hair booties. I actually should be covered in red paint, but the collar is vintage! It's an old kill as we like to say; unfortunately (or fortunately depending on perspective), the boots are new, so sue me. Honestly, I am still in shock that I saw these boots at such an amazing price. Seventy-nine dollars for Derek Lam, wowza! These were the second pair of shoes I had picked up, the first being a pair of purple velvet smoking slippers. Yup, I am really into velvet. I couldn't commit to picking just one, so they both came home! 

Lace Duster, Bare Necessities (an itty bitty boutique); Velvet Sweater: Jigsaw London; Boyfriend Jeans: Uniqlo; Bag: Kate Spade; Austin Boot: 10 Crosby by Derek Lam, via Marshalls; Fur Collar, Vintage

A major thank you to Ariel for taking this pictures! Make sure to check out her site and also her fashion blog. She's got an amazing eye for style.