Today marks the beginning of one of the biggest storms in Bay Area history. Growing up I never knew what it was like to have a snow day, but today schools and offices are shutting down because this is actually pretty cray. 

In the calm before the storm, we teamed up with the fab jewelry designer Karina Harris, the founder of Waffles and Honey. She handcrafts each piece in San Francisco with semi-precious stones, and 14 karat gold fill. Adrienne and I are seriously obsessed. It's kind of hard not to be when the sapphire necklace I'm wearing actually resembles a calico cat's markings. On the topic of cats, baby Lou was equally obsessed with these gems. I mean, check out that action shot. #spanktime

Luckily we won't leave you hanging on your work from home day. In between Hulu-binges and Google Hangouts, check out the fab jewelry at Waffles and Honey. Seriously, there's nothing like some online shopping while you're stuck inside all day! To make it even easier to do said shopping, use the code stylebff20 to take 20% off of your entire purchase. We can never keep secrets!