whatever is clever


10 minutes before leaving for work. You're in your undies. Your hair is a mess. You have to wear something. Anything. You quickly grab a top, relaxed pants, add some shoes, then head out.

You're literally wearing whatever


This look is all about the go-tos. Its hard to find me outside of my favorite over-worn pieces. My chambray pants, a favorite for the past 3 years, are finally starting to get some well-deserved holes. I refuse to tell you where, but does that mean I'll stop wearing them? Probably not. 

 I remain relaxed as always. Life as a 23 (almost 24!!!) year old figuring out my purpose is sometimes too daunting to not wear "whatever". 

Never try too hard.  

There's nothing worse than trying too hard. 

Nonetheless, one still has to try when getting dressed. Otherwise you risk looking like some Courntey Love-esque hot mess. Or rather, maybe I should list that under trying too hard--whatever it is, just don't go there. True fashion advice.

(JK C-Baby, you're the gift that keeps on giving.)

This might mean donning on your favorite wedges, or adding a pop of bold lipstick to your regular toss-ons. 

Its always the little things that make an outfit. 


Dolman Top: Vince, Chambray Pants: Free People, Wedges: Sam Edelman

Lastly, I love this shoe shot of Adrienne and myself. We both accidentally wore chambray pants and white blouses. It felt like 8th grade when my friends and I would wear the same outfits to school. 

Total coincidence. I promise. 


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