suburban tropic

suburban tropic

Ok, I promise. 

This post won't be about the weather, but seriously its been hot, yo. To stay cool I've been romping around in this striped AA number. 

Like a fab pair of sunnies, or a bottle of Andy Warhol Perrier...

Rompers have become a legitimate summer must-have. They're comfortable, and effortless. You probably can't remember your life without an everyday romper, or your life is significantly affected by your lack of rompers--trust me!  Dramatic? Maybe, but get on my hype. 

In case you can't tell

Poppy the little black toy poodle is my most important accessory. He really brings my stripes and problematic "Aztec" print shoes together. Cute animals are always the chicest addition to any look. (R.I.P. Mercy)

A sun hat and poodle are all I need! 

Romper: American Apparel, Sandals: Zara, Hat: Sway, Watch: Nordstrom

Beat the heat:

Suburban Tropic

Photo credz: Alex of   SF Shop Girl

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