dream of the 90s

Overalls, shmoveralls.

Return of the 90s is bigger than ever, and I simply cannot resist the opportunity to live my life in a denim onesie.

I would probably have

ruled the playground

in this overall number, but I probably would have also had to

put a shirt on. 

On another note, I feel the need to discuss my propensity for

wearing bralettes as tops.

For this outfit, I like the way the taupe lace of my bralette catches the eyelet detail of my overalls. While I rarely play the matchy-matchy game, this strategy actually worked out pretty well.

Plus, ribriffs were seen everywhere on the runway--from Alexander Wang to Erdem. 


With all the denim onesie-ing going on, it is pretty safe to say that the Dream of the 90s is currently residing in my pants--or rather my overalls. 

And now to arbitrarily quote Cher Horowitz (because why not?)... 

"As if!"


Overalls: Anthropologie, Wedges: Sam Edelman, Bracelet: Liquid Metal Jewelry

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