typical weekend

typical weekend

Weekend-wear in California is somewhat an issue of contention. In a place in which your typical day-to-day, or even professional wardrobe, reflects most people's weekend-wear, Californians often fall into the sweats-only zone when they're not on the clock. Being comfortable is always encouraged, however one should avoid the tendency to leave the house completely unkempt. Trust me when I say that applying a minimal amount of thought and effort will save you from any fashion mishap! 

 For this look I had to wear my extra-comfy Free People slouchy pants. They're so comfortable that I pretty much consider them to be sweatpants. Its always good to have a pair of pants like these in your wardrobe. To keep the outfit simple and relaxed, I added a chambray, and my absolute favorite oversized chunky sweater by Isabel Marant.

Since the whole idea is to be laid-back, but still fashion-forward, my accessories really make this outfit what it is. Rather than skimp with a pair of demure ballet flats, I added my seriously over-worn Jeffrey Campbell Tripoli boots. I love these shoes because they have that added spunk without being over-dressed or uncomfortable. This same attitude applies to my statement necklace, its just a really fun piece. Lastly, no weekend look is complete without an awesome oversized sunny to hide any hint of what you were up to the night before!

This looks moto: keep it comfy, keep it chic, and keep it real! 

Sweater: Étoile Isabel Marant, Chambray: H&M, Pants: Free People, Tripoli Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, Statement Necklace: Anthropologie, Flipping Out Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Carrie"