party princess

Here is another look that I took with the wonderful Dominic Saavedra. This outfit is an ode to springtime with its bright, refreshing colors. My mint sequin top has a special ambiance about itself, which makes it one of my favorite pieces of clothing that I own. The first time I ever blogged in it, I felt so amazing that Jackie and I gave it the alter ego name of Party Princess. Party Princess is fabulous and full of sass. This mint top is so unique and fabulous that even with its brightness, it still can be mixed with other bright colors. 

This look really played with the idea of textures and colors-- in almost an extreme manner. The chunky cardigan was not an obvious choice, but the thick knit looked amazing and different against the sequins on the top. The tights also tied into the idea of playing with textures. I love bright colors and I am always trying to find different ways to mix it up. The style rule that only three colors should be used in one look is a dated concept. It's just a matter of choosing the right colors. Mint and pink is an obvious color combination, but mixing the mustard and ultramarine blue creates a whole new color concept. Grey was a great neutral to balance the entire look. It has a soft spring appeal. 

This look is all about having fun in an outfit that is eye-catching and original. Party Princess always has to shine in a crowded room. This look is daring in all the right ways. Don't be generic when it comes to fashion! The fashion world has had too many "been there, done that" moments. Fashion should push boundaries, otherwise that creativity and individualism is completely thrown out the window. 


Special thanks to the crew: Dominic the photographer,  Jackie (my style BFF!), and Kayla and Jackie Pooh for their hair and makeup techniques!  #GWTWF

Chucky Sweater: Isabel Marant; Sequin Mint Top: Vintage; Skirt: J.Crew; Tights: American Apparel; Desmond Boot: Jeffery Campbell; Necklace: Vintage, purchased in Hungarian marketplace; Silver Heart Earrings: Vintage



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