There is nothing quite like playing tourist at home. Adrienne and I decided to spend the afternoon exploring Chinatown, but obviously outfits are everything. Lately we've been subjected to your typical Northern California winter: dry, freezing cold, and still somehow sunny.

The key is always layers. 'Tis the damn season, right?

Let's cut to the chase: my new cape from Jigsaw London. Like the the miracle of the burning oil, it is a true Chanukah wonder. Like any extra delicious wardrobe piece, it is a total statement. The tailoring, the clasps and buttons, down to the leather paneling at the arm holes--this cape is perfection. 

(Thanks mom!)

Cape: Jigsaw London, Sweater: Wilfred, Top: After Life Boutique (vintage), Corduroy Leggings: Vince, Shoes: Freda Salvador