1990s Gwen Stefani reincarnated on my head, and I'm loving it. 

While I've always aired on the more cautious, and certainly the more "natural-looking" side of hair choices, this drastic change has once again proven to be a liberating experience. However I vow this is time is the last for awhile--my hair does too! 

For this look, I obviously had to let my hair do the talking, but my outfit still makes a statement. Much like my hair, its a play on length, layer, and texture. I chose to highlight my "Thira" tunic by The Podolls. I have only really worn it as a dress, but I decided to play around and wear it with lots of layers. With a partial tuck, some lace, leather, and denim, I think I translated the garment into a whole new piece. 

Leather Jacket: Rubbish, Tunic: The Podolls "Thira" Tunic, Lace Button-down: Afterlife Boutique, Denim: James Jeans, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell "Tripoli", Bag: Celine "Trio" Bag

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