olive spoils

It is so funny how having a new hair color changes the way you get dressed. For years I've been living in muted greys, beiges, and olives, only to find that now as a blonde these neutrals leave my skin looking washed out. As an avid "rule-breaker" I never thought of certain colors as off limits, and I wasn't going to start any time soon! As far as I know I am not a distant relative of Imelda Marcos, nor am I a Zimbabwean princess, or even a trust-fund baby, so I had to figure out a way to still wear my same clothes after drastically dying my hair. 

While figuring out certain tricks has been an effort, it is surprisingly not as difficult as I thought it would be. For this look, I paired the soft muted olive next to a sky-blue denim. The contrast of colors brightens the top, making it easier to wear against my hair. To finish it off, I added some printed accessories, as well as a deep fuchsia lip color. I hate to say it, but makeup can really help an outfit sometimes! 

Jacket: Biscote, Top: H&M, Denim: James Jeans, Wedges: Sam Edelman