for the love of freda

Here are photos from my first spin in my new Freda Salvador "Live" shoes.

I have officially been lusting after them since August, although I knew we were meant to be since before they hit the stores. (Thank da lord for social media!)


Now that I have them, and they are permanently going to reside on my feet (until Freda Resort '14), it has been hard to think of why I waited so long to own these shoes.

Now I must be honest, my bank account and my voice of reason totally know why, but it leads me to think more about my wardrobe investments. In the world of fast fashion, the lines between want and need have become significantly more blurred. I like to think of myself as rather pragmatic, but when I fixate on a splurge I literally have tunnel vision.  I tell myself something is "timeless" or I'll wear it forever, but what does that even mean? We are human; we crave change, variety, something new.

There will always be something else I want, so I've stopped making myself promises about not shopping. The key is to be patient, and smart about the splurges. Accept when something is just better to own in your imagination. Except when you can't.

Thanks Freda! 


Sweater: Frenchi, Linen Tee: Jigsaw London, Denim: James Jeans, Shoes: Freda Salvador