the naked dress

I own a naked dress.

It is an ivory silk slip. Midi length. Slinky, sexy, sheer, and totally different from anything else I own (a.k.a my closet full of oversized fupa-facilitators). I've owned the dress for over a month, and I have yet to wear it. I’m not even sure when it’ll actually happen. Am I that girl? Can I wear the naked dress?

I tend to be a pretty naked person by nature, so inner boob/side boob/visible underwear/visible lack of underwear are pretty standard fare. It is the allusion to being naked while I’m fully clothed. However, I think the difference with a true naked dress is that it really does require one to be naked in it. Layering it feels forced, and the whole look is lost if you add underwear. This is especially true for my ivory midi-length silk slip. To wear this piece I’ll literally need to be naked.

While I am still working up the courage for my perfect moment, there are some fabulous women out there who have absolutely zero qualms about donning a naked dress. You know who I’m talking about: Kate Moss, Rihanna, etc. I will definitely have to look to some major divas on this one.