if shopping carts could talk

if shopping carts could talk

Image via Five Story

It's Friday. You may or may not have just gotten paid, but in the spirit of staying in on a Friday night, I've compiled my little list of things that are sitting in my online shopping cart(s). Shopping carts are basically a place in which you concoct your soul, your wardrobe for each season, where you cultivate all your hopes and dreams. Online shopping carts are also a place where these dreams go to die--like when you have to face the reality that white boots aren't practical in a sea of who-knows-what on the street. Can I live though? Here are my current lusts:


Obviously these are two very different tops. I love the white blouse by C/MEO, an Australian brand, because it really re-thinks your average white button-down. I'm always on the hunt for a white blouse, and the tie-front, along with extra draping make this piece pretty perfect. Since it is Summer, I am also having dreams about avant-garde ways to up the ante with my overall look. This flounced crop top by Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya looks like it'll do just the trick (minus the price-tag...read: where dreams go to die). 

1. C/MEO Hands On Shirt via Fashion Bunker

2. Vika Gazinskaya Flounce Crop Top via Far Fetch

Chimala Jeans

Ok, I've been lusting for a pair of denim from this Japanese-cult brand for a hot-minute. Maybe even enough to drop 5-bills on jeans that make me look like a clown-baby. They hardly fit, and every pair is tailored and washed by hand. Not to mention they are really difficult to find in-store or online. These jeans are essentially like waiting in line for brunch for 2 hours, but in the end you eat the best omelette of your life, and your pants are still falling off of your body afterwards. 

1. Chimala Narrow Tapered Cut Jean via La Garçonne

2. Chimala Selvedged Straight-Leg Jean via Madewell

3 . Grey Ankle Jean via Madewell

4. Chimala Medium Wash Baggy Jean via Totokaelo

White-Fringed Shoes

While I have developed quite the collection of Freda Salvador shoes, I've certainly gone the practical route with them. However, with this pair I'm basically tossing the practicality out the window, and opting to lust after their white leather fringed chelsea boot. Don't get me wrong--the silhouette is totally everyday, but even just looking at them online gives me that pit in my stomach that one only experiences when they spill coffee all over themselves. A bit of a departure from the boots is this white fringed sandal from Zara. It fits the bill for being trendy and more affordable, making this style feel a lot more doable for me. Even if they're not an everyday shoe for my lifestyle, they will be a really fun seasonal pick-me-up.

1. Fringed Chelsea Boot via Freda Salvador

2. Fringed High Heel Sandal via Zara


Really though, unless I become like Beyonce in the above GIF, chances are I will have to settle for just a few of these pieces. Which ones do I go for? Tell me about what's in your shopping cart too!