two-piece dressing

Top: Kaarem, Skirt: Kaarem (both via Legion SF), Striped Blouse: The Podolls, Necklace 1: Jill Michaels, Necklace 2: vintage, Shoes: Freda Salvador

My inspiration for this particular full two-piece outfit is undoubtedly what I would potentially wear if I were someone’s sister wife. The ankle grazing skirt, alongside the elbow-covering blouse, paired with yet another oversized top piece really makes that hit home. While I am a huge proponent of visible nipple and/or side-boob, this combo really requires a blouse underneath due to the fact that it is currently freezing. However, if you live in a place where it is over 50 degrees and sunny in late-May (read: not the Bay Area), then show let your arms and boobs be free!

FYI: On a similar note, I opted to go commando, just balance things out. 

Black top: Rag and Bone, Pants: The Podolls, Necklace: Ariel Clute, Boots: Marc Jacobs

One of the main attractions about the top half of this set is that it is basically a vessel for showing off the FUPA. Again, the weather has definitely ruined any possibility for baring my arms, nips, etc.--but FUPA is a year-round phenomenon. Just toss on something high-waisted (loose and silky too, if you're like me), and let your FUPA-flag fly. Black leather booties and jewelry that resembles an artistic duster should also do trick. 

Hat: Ryan Roche, Bouse: Equipment, Leather Jacket: Nordstrom BP, Bracelets: Liquid Metal Jewelry, Shoes: Gucci

Finally, wide brim hats. Leather. San Francisco. I felt almost a little cliché walking out of my apartment in this number, so rather than wearing my typical black flat or bootie (a small girl's F.U.), I opted for a strappy Gucci sandal. Heels are pretty unseen 'round these parts, unless you see another fashion blogger shooting in a sundress somewhere. I'm admittedly guilty here--minus the sundress.