yin yang twins

You might be saying to yourself, "How long have I been looking at these photos on the internet?" In truth it has been about 5 weeks--the StyleBFFs turnaround is always a bit delayed, and we love putting a good 2-3 preview pics on Instagram when we're excited about something. However, as you may know, this is the first blog shoot we've done in film, so I guess we may have a bit of an excuse this time.

Out of all of the projects that we've worked on, this was by far my favorite. Working in film really gives a fresh element to what we do. We try to keep things very organic, and that sometimes doesn't translate in the photos when we have a chance to shoot, critique, and re-shoot with a digital camera. It also barred me from taking 50+ silly pictures, or just not taking this seriously in general, which is a much more common problem than I'd like to admit. The air of mystery really kept us on our toes the whole shoot, and the creative direction was on point. 

Another special aspect of this shoot is Ariel's black and white concept. Admittedly I wasn't sure about how I felt about dressing in a theme, albeit a loose one, because again we like to keep the whole "organic" vibe (meaning I procrastinate on what to wear until 5 minutes before I need to be dressed). Planning an outfit was definitely new territory for me, but I am so grateful for Ariel's guidance through this project. So while I styled this look, I was given the rule to stay within a white aesthetic, and Adrienne a black one.

At first it was really hard to pick an all white, or white themed look. Black is most definitely my go-to color, so I don't exactly have lots of white in my closet. Luckily I do have a proclivity for white button down shirts, so that part was easy. Next I layered a Japanese-weave tunic over it, and added a light grey culotte from this past Spring. From there my tiny frame needed a little lift, so I did add a black heeled Marc Jacobs bootie, which ended up somewhat marrying my look to Adrienne's. Lastly, the white shearling epaulette was a no-brainer. I've gotta say, we are on a serious Yin and Yang hype with this one. I'm also really serving some Ice Queen realness.

Shirt: Elizabeth and James, Tunic & Epaulette: The Podolls, Culottes: Asos, Socks: Philippe Matignon, Booties: Marc Jacobs

Photos by Ariel Tzu-Chi