let's toile about it

J.Crew Toile Sweatpants

Let's break this down right now: sweatpants + a stuffy 18th century French pattern of white people nonchalantly hanging out in the woods. Yeah. 

A few weeks ago Adrienne called me after a quick trip to her fave place, J.Crew. "Jackie, you won't believe the new collection. Everything is really fab...except these sweats."

Of course I knew she was talking about MY sweats.Yes, *my* sweats. They were mine before they were really actually mine--I'm sure you understand. There was no changing my opinion. Luckily, despite our agreement to disagree, Adrienne (like a true BFF) told my boyfriend's mom to go get them for me for my birthday.

Basically, a real friend not only supports your sartorial endeavors despite their own opinions, they actually facilitate said item's addition to your wardrobe.

Finally let's also address the new shoe situation here, the Freda Salvador  "Wish"

Sorry to brag, but they're worth clicking the photos to enlarge them. Trust me! 

Blouse: Equipment, Toile Sweatpants: J.Crew, Shoes: Freda Salvador "Wish"