mom jeans

25 tomorrow. 

There are a few things I've begun to question as I exit my first quarter century, eternal type questions that one holds with them forever.

1. When did short shorts begin to look terrible on me?

2. How much expensive cheese from Whole Foods is too much?

3. Will this green juice really undo my 1 am donut binge?

Now onto the "Mom Jeans". I feel like I want to keep saying it because it rolls off of my tongue (and apparently my fingers) really nicely. Mom jeans, mom jeans, mom jeans. 

Contrary to my other favorite jean, the boyfriend, the mom is its own breed of trendy denim. It is high waisted, tapered at the leg--but not too tapered. It has the softest cotton ever, and I am obsessed. Maybe its because I'm turning 25 in a matter of hours. 

Top: H&M, Jeans: Topshop "Mom Jean", Hat: Fair Ends via The Podolls, Shoes: F-Troupe







P.S. Don't forget to laugh!

(outtakes rule.)