let's be thankful

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving....

Although I hate my food-filled belly right now, there are still tons of things to be thankful for. Of course there's the obvious stuff like family, friends, my health, etc., but I am also grateful for my ability to think outside of the box. There is something so frustrating about having to relinquish your favorite tank top to the dog days of summer, so it helps to workout those styling-muscles. For the record: I also really need an actual full-body work out/maybe an entire bottle of probiotics.

Here I've used a trusty favorite button-down as a base for further layering, which turns my favorite summer tank into an easy transitional piece. I am a major proponent of ideal body temperature, and this definitely took me to an optimal comfort-level. From there, I added my trusty Vince leggings--a splurge considering that they're leggings, but they have been my everyday go-to for at least the last 10 days (gross). In true form, we all know I'm the kind of woman who's typical look will include a jacket-over-shoulder combo. I'll also don a shoe that is some sort of hybrid between a 1950s nurse and Wednesday Adams. 

While we're still on the topic of gratitude, big thanks to Sydney at Legion for the styling ideas for this tank. 

Jacket: Veda, Tank Top: Kaarem via LegionSF, Button Down Blouse: Elizabeth and James, Leggings: Vince, Socks: Philippe Matignon, Shoes: Zara

Photos by Chelsea Mandell