seeking simplicity, getting weird

I dream of the perfect closet. Not necessarily one filled to the brim with fancy things, but that would be nice. I dream of one in which each piece in my wardrobe fits my life in such a way that I don't need to even think about what to wear on a daily basis. However, even though I find myself drawn to an effortless attitude towards personal style, I know I'm way too weird to actually pull that off. These dreams can't always be a reality when you like to don things like heaps of denim, pops of color, and loud prints.

I know I've mentioned my 5-minute rule for picking out my outfits. I should also let you know that I do not own a full length mirror--although I must admit this sometimes results in me climbing my bathroom sink to look into a mirror, or forcing my boyfriend to take 10 pictures of what I'm wearing before stepping outside. 

I really do like to attempt be minimal, even if that can truly only manifest itself in my approach to getting dressed versus the actual content of what I'm wearing. Here I've kept things standard with my fave vintage denim jacket, and my trusty mom jeans. Since the temperatures have been dropping, I knew I needed some bulk and layer. I decided to add this vibrant number by Sandro. My mom purchased it only months ago, and wore it once. I'm not even sure what she was thinking when she gave it up, but I'm definitely not complaining! From there I had to kick things up a notch, so I added the ever-trendy leopard bootie. If simplicity and effortlessness are an attitude, then I'm getting weird with it.

Denim Jacket: Gap (vintage), Sweater: Sandro, Denim: Topshop "Mom Jean", Shoes: Steve Madden via DSW