shrug it on

shrug it on

I always love a good layering piece and this shoulder shrug falls perfectly into that category. Jackie and I have been obsessing over collars, or as Jackie likes to call them epaulettes. Check out the hashtag #epaulettegang!

A good collar is the perfect add on. It's just more interesting that your standard scarf and a much warmer option than a statement necklace. Last week, Jackie and I headed over to The Podolls to celebrate their store's one year anniversary. I saw this beautiful shoulder shrug from a previous visit, but something about it spoke to me this time around. It's super soft, felted alpaca wool was exactly what I needed after working all week.

As I looked at the only one left in the store my brain went---WANT. NEED. MUST. 

That ultra popular social media quote, "Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy," has really resonated with me. But really, joking aside...this shoulder shrug rules. Is it the new collar? We will have to wait and see. 

Bottle Shoulder Shrug: Lauren Manoogian, The Podolls; Button Up: J.Crew; Leggings: Uniqlo; Boots: Jigsaw London; Clutch: Madewell