Oh, the evolution of sweatpants! After looking at my pictures for this blog post, I got to thinking about sweatpants...

There has always been some form of a sweatpant in my wardrobe. It started with the classic athletic sweatpant with an elastic waist and ankles. Hello Physical Education! Although these are definitely still lingering in my closet, they are used at their appropriate times: bad breakups, sick days, and post-food binges. 

After the classic style, we saw the pant evolve into the more hilarious tearaway track pant. Although I was a victim to this trend, I didn't understand it-- I wasn't a track star nor did I participate in any activity that required me to rip away my pants. The tearaway's ugly brother is the windpant; something really gross that I won't even touch upon. However, if they're still in your closet- burn them. 

For every athlete in a family, there's a diva not far behind. She comes in a few variations: brightly colored, fuzzy to the touch, or bejeweled with some kind of branding. In extreme cases, she has all three qualities. She's a major "hottie" but as it goes, looks fade. The younger hotter sister soon takes center stage. She's less of a sweat and more of a pant-- the black yoga pant: the perfect piece for mommy errands, lazy days, and "feel good about my butt" moments. For a lot of people, including myself, do they rarely revolve around actually doing yoga. But as my mom always says, it's the thought that counts. 

The yoga pant is still young, but also getting older as the days and months pass. Now, we have the jogger sweat, the fashionista of the family. She has the best personality of the bunch. She feels great ( i.e. superrr comfy) and looks fab too.

Joking aside, I'm so into (been into) joggers. I love that you can wear them outside without feeling sloppy. They also feel more unique than your average black yoga pant. Best part yet: girls and boys can rock them. Who doesn't love a matching jogger wearing couple?! 

Sweater: Jigsaw London (Now on SUPER SALE); Jacket & Sweats: J.Crew; Sneakers: New Balance, J.Crew; Clutch: H&M